Busy Book

Friday, August 26, 2016
 This summer I went to a retreat...an annual tradition.  Everyone brings something different from quilts and wall hangings to scrapbooks and knitting projects.  This year my pal Amber brought a busy book to work on.  She did a really good job, and the neat thing is she made it using rings.  This allows her to change out the pages for her little girl as she grows.
She told me she wanted to make a busy book from the time she knew she was pregnant because her grandmother had made one for her when she was a little girl.
She shared the book with me and it's so precious, I just had to share.  This is a counting book, and it's all totally hand stitched.  The pieces can either be inserted into the objects on the page, or there is velcro where the objects can be stuck on.
 I love this fish tank, I don't know what clear film she used on top, but seriously, how cute are these?
 Here are a few of Amber's pages.  The mailbox opens up, you can slide the flag up and down, and there is an envelope inside where Charlotte can put a letter, and a Velcro square to add a stamp.
 The balloons are for matching colors, and the ribbon is for tying.
The page above is in the works, but it will have the numbers on the flaps, and then she matches the buttons to the number.  
She also used some scrabble tiles to spell out Charlotte's name and made a pocket for the letters to go inside.  She did several other pages, but...you get the idea....and it's a cute one.  I learn the most from having creative friends!

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