Felted Heart Banner

Friday, March 10, 2017
 I became obsessed with felting these days.  I bought some packets of flt at a local dollar (50) store, but you can also find them at any craft store.
 I took out bundled....
 Unfolded and divided them into two pieces.
 I then spread apart the fibers.
 Next I folded one.
 I took the second piece and folded it around the first piece the opposite direction.
 I bought a felting needled (a special needed with barbs-again they sell them at craft stores) and I saved some Styrofoam (not necessary, but it prevents me from stabbing myself!)
 I started by stabbing the middle a bunch of times to create the v.
 It will look like this after about 30 stabs.
 Then I took the needled and started stabbing it around the sides.
 You just poke it to form the shape.  When it starts to get firm you can then thread it onto string.  I tied a knot, took some rubber cloves to 'pull' it through the hearts (it helps with grip).
Once I threaded the heart I tied a knot on the opposite side and then repeated until they were all strung off.

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