Easy Frankenstein Card

Wednesday, September 27, 2017
When I'm on top of my game I make greeting cards for my friend's kiddos for the holidays.  When I'm playing my B game I buy them.  When I'm off my game I'm not even sure what month it is, much less which of my friends have kids.
This summer I tried to get ahead and I made some easy greeting cards.  This one was pure simple for Halloween.  I used some scraps on a lime green card, a stamp from my stash, and washi tape and some google eyes to make a monster card.  I think this is right up the alley for some little 4 year old boys who usually get a card from me.  Just a tip for mailing-sometimes brads and google eyes poke through the envelope when they are mailed, so I usually place a scrap piece of paper between the front of the card and the envelope to give it one more layer of protection.

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