Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Touring Dallas and Crafts on Crack

My buddy of more than 20 years came to visit for Thanksgiving break.  Her husband is serving in the army, and overseas in Afghanistan this year, but returning home soon (yay!).  First, it is because of his sacrifices for our country, and for us personally that she was able to make the trip, and we were able to make a long girl's weekend out of the opportunity.  I'm a Dave fan for many reason, but I truly appreciated the time we got to spend together, but I'll be equally as glad when she gets him home!
I picked her up at the airport Tuesday afternoon and we drove straight to Ice at the Gaylord (it's just a few exits away from DFW)

I went a few years ago, and this year was even better.  We enjoyed room...after room...after room of the Peanut's Christmas Story, each ice figure was more amazing than the last....
The Gaylord provides the jackets, but I'm glad I brought gloves....umm...brrr...12 degrees ain't for sissies....or Texans.  Here's Regan on the ice slide. 
The end of the exhibit housed the nativity, so stunning. 
After walking through Ice, we walked through the Gaylord, past tons of decorations, trees, life size gingerbread houses, lights, and photo ops.  Case in point, the ceiling. 
We finally made it home, and the crafts begun....but I'll get back to this later....
On Wednesday (after crafting until 3:30 am), we headed downtown via the rail (per Regan's request, she likes our rail, and I'm always glad to avoid downtown traffic).  We grabbed lunch at Spaghetti Warehouse in the West End (a tradition, from her first visit 20 plus years ago). 
We walked over to the World Aquarium next. 
I love this place, and I knew Regan would too because she loves all animals, and she adores penguins. 
The aquarium starts in the rainforest, and you travel wooden paths through the levels of the rain forest,  past open cages of flying birds, swinging monkeys, slothes, bats, otters, alligators, and finally you reach 'below' the rainforest floor to a really amazing manatee exhibit. 
The aquarium also has an Amazon section with a cheetah, flamingo exhibit etc.  There are several tanks you can walk under, including a shark tank. 
And plenty of aquariums with creatures from all over the globe.  I've blogged about this before...and I'll probably blog about this again, but...it's fantastic.
After spending a few hours exploring the aquariums of the world, we headed home via a stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes.  We cooked a few dishes for Thanksgiving that evening, including a Pecan Pie to die for via her Dad's recipe.  We cooked, and crafted all night...until about 4:30 am.
Thursday my family came over, we ate too much, and then crafted, with one stop to head down to the 12 am Black Friday Sale at Walmart.  It was Regan's first Black Friday experience, and she scored quite a few deals.  Again, we crafted until the sun said, 'hello,' went down for three hours...and....
Friday we shopped until we dropped, and then we came back and crafted.  Amongst the Dallas site seeing, Regan's request was to learn a few crafts, and I was happy to oblige.  She has the skills, just not the time or company that makes it more fun.  It was fun to share a few of my favorites, and a few new crafts.  (A lot of these I took step by step pictures of and I'll blog about at a later date...so I don't forget)
She made a stocking for her husband that she filled and added to two boxes we put together and shipped out to Afghanistan along with Christmas Cards to his troops.
I threw together a Pepsi (his favorite) notebook I showed her how to make (here's that link and my source). 
We made poppy flowers, paper flowers, a 50 cent sign, a bag for her step daugher, a clipboard for her step daughter, an initial bag for Regan, coasters, chalkboard  flower marker spoons, sheer flower pens (step by step to come), a pecan pie, mac and cheese, mocha ornaments, pumpkin trifle, (burnt) granola, cookie pinwheel (disasters), a dent in the finincial crisis, and a mess.  For every project we did, there are ten more we/she/the dogs planned to do and bought one or two things for....
Speaking of the dogs. 
They started a fan club. 
Max is the president, and he'd really rather have Regan just come take him home with her.  The other two are active members as well. 
In fact, I caught Peanut inside her carry on....I'm going to pretend like his only purpose was to rescue this little stuffed  guy (he's attracted to bug eyes), he pulled it  out of the pocket, but if I weren't lying to myself, I'd have to admit he looked pretty comfortable, and ready to travel prior to this picture.  In this picture he just looks guilty. 
...and then...she was gone. 
I'll see Regan in May. 
I'm planning to drive up for her graduation, but that's just it....I'll be driving up there. 
It's been nine years since life opened the door to allow Regan to head down and be a part of 'my' world. 
We are always and will always be parts of pieces in each other's worlds, but there is nothing like a good sit down laugh, and face to face conversation. 
I thought about how much had changed in nine years.  I've been up to see her several times in between her last visit.  We've said goodbye to people in our lives we loved (and in a few cases, some of those love filled goodbyes were good!), faced heartbreaks, and hiccups, moments of hysteria, and hilarity, but it was too long, and for some reason the passage of time hit me when she flew off.  Maybe it was the 5 days, 10 hours of sleep thing, but it was worth it!
I was thinking about where my world would be nine years from now, and measuring how fast time was flying, and wanting it to slow down. 
Nine years seemed to fly just as fast as 5 days. 
I want it to slow down, but I guess all I can do is reprioritize what I do, when I do it, and who I do it with, and remember to treasure each visit, no matter how far between one to the other. 
As for me, in nine years, I hope we are sick of seeing each other's faces, but if not, I was grateful for this time together, and I'm already counting down the days until May....that's just enough time for Tennessee to clear a space for me to come and wreck a little havoc!


Lori said...

Arent' times with best friends so perfect.?

Fiskeygrl said...

I love you! I am so thankful for the time that we got to spend together...I had to adjust going to bed before the sun came up. It just felt wrong. I had such an awesome time I can't wait until I'm able to come back down again (this time driving so I can fit in the 2, 897 1/2 crafts that we are going to do)!