Witch's Brew and a Blinged Out Tutorial Too

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 No comments
 Last year as I was gathering ideas to do for my secret sister at work, I saw a picture where someone rewrapped soda bottles and renamed it witch's brew.  Here is the original link.  I used a free graphic from graphic fairy for the circled and typed up the brand and created my own label.  You can print that free from this link.  I used an ink pad to ink the edges.  I wanted a sparklie doodad, but I couldn't find any I liked.  I'm sure this has been done a million times, but I decided to create one using a black bat ring.  This is my easy steps.  You could leave it black, but I had silver paint, so I gave it a quick spray.
 Then I covered the top with modpodge...
 ...and I glittered it down with glitter.  If you want to prevent the glitter from flaking, when it dries, paint it again with another coat of mod podge and it will dry clear.

Pumpkin Poop

Monday, September 29, 2014 1 comment
I saw this idea last year and it cracked me up, so I put it together for some extra treats on Halloween for some of my friend's kiddos.  Here is a free printable for the bag topper.  I got the cheese balls at the good ol' dollar store and was able to whip out about 8 bags of pumpkin poop.  I'm mature.  But seriously, how fun?

Vintage Cat Pail

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 Last year I was scouting around the net for a different Halloween idea, but I stumbled across the tutorial for using the dollar pumpkin buckets from the store and turning them into vintage Halloween pails via Rook17.  Uhh...hello...vintage Halloween?  I'm in.  It really was a simple process.  Even the painting of the face was much easier than I thought it would be.....and I'm all about the 1920's Halloween decor!!
 All it took was the dollar plastic pumpkin, glue, water, and paper.  I tore the paper into bits.  I mixed a glue water paste (probably about 2 T of glue to 1 c. water).  I ran each piece through and just set it on the pumpkin and overlapped each one a bit.  I cut off the handle b/c I replaced it later with one that was more 'vintage.'
 after the first layer, I used two pieces of cardboard and taped on the ear shape with masking tape, then I repeated the glue/paste process two more times.  Since there is a solid pumpkin underneath, this is more than enough layers.  I took a can of spray paint I got for a dollar and sprayed it up.
 I used paint, a paint brush, and some mediocre painting skills and went to work on the face.  You could use a pencil in advance to trace out your parts, but I used the good ol' 'wipe it off' method if I didn't like the shape I initiailly painted on.  I also use the 'unplug/replug computer' method to fix any computer problems...I clearly missed out on my calling as an A)  Artist and B)  Computer Engineer.
 I then bought a dowel rod, sawed off a 3 inch piece, paint it black and then drilled a hole in both sides of the bucket, and both ends of the dowel rod (I didn't have a bit big enough to go through the entire dowel rod.  I cut some wire (two pieces) to attach the handle, and wrapped it through the hole, and then poke each piece into the sides of the dowel and just glue them into place. I added a little 'curl' to the wire with a pencil b/c it was cute....and I cut the wire too long and didn't want to go through that process again.
 ...I don't know what this is about....my dog either A)  Is not happy about a cat being in the house.  B)  Wants to know where the candy is that is supposed to fill this guy or C)  Wants to know why this stupid project took away from his petty time.
 Ta da...the finished product...

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Thursday, September 25, 2014 1 comment
 A friend at work told me about this recipe.  Cinnamon Roll Waffles, yes please.  Basically, it's a fast way to get your cinnamon roll baked and ready to consume.  I just bought a can of rolls....
I took a really poor picture of the dough sitting on my waffle iron, which I had sprayed with pam, and then I closed the lid.  It only takes 3-4 minutes for each to bake.  
 You can use the glaze in the packet, or  add a cup of powdered sugar, 3 T of milk, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, and the glaze.  Mix it all together and pour it over your waffles.  Easy and quick....cinnamon and bread.  A match made in breakfast heaven.

Dollar Store To Pewter Pumpkins

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 I was hunting for some other supplies for 'another' craft at the dollar store and I saw some relatively ugly little glass pumpkins...no offense.  But I thought-hey, I can jazz those up.  It was a time in my life I was obsessed with Looking Glass Spray...if it would stand still-I sprayed it....it was a dark time in my life now that I reflect back on it...get it?  Reflect?  Ha ha.  Sorry...it was just sitting there waiting for me.  Anyway....I'm still obsessed with it, but here is another thing I did with my addiction.  I sprayed down some of those pumpkins so I had a pewter look.
If you want your item to be more 'reflective' than pewter, spray it with a metal colored spray first, or you can also make some mercury glass looking pumpkins using this tutorial-white spray first and some water drops.  I'm adding some crystal sprays to this little get up.

Movie Night in the Mail

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So....my cousin has some pretty precious traditions with his two and four year old.  Each week they go to the library to get a movie to watch as a family.  This Father's Day I wanted to send something for them to enjoy together.  I cut a slit in an empty coke bottle and filled it with all sorts of movie candy, microwave popcorn, popcorn bags, a gift card to go get a movie (it was too narrow to slip in a DVD) and some confetti etc.  I printed off this label, added postage and it ready to mail.  Simple, and something the kids and my cousin can get excited about

Pink and Gold Fiesta

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I put together a little party for my Mom on her 'actual' birthday as well with the whole family.  I had used pink and black for her tea party the weekend before, but went with pink and gold this time around.  These are just a few pictures....because it turns out right before I got pretty sick...so as soon as dinner was over, I took myself to the late night clinic, so...I didn't take too many pictures, but....I think you get the idea!  I made some little m pinata's using this method.  And tissue flowers using these steps.  I also made some gold candles that would later go on the cake my aunt brought using these steps.  I used some pinatas I sprayed to match the colors to hang from the chandelier as well.
My family is kind of picky (not my mom,just everyone else), so it was a mix of things every would eat, and some even :gasp: came from the freezer.  I made some cheese dip, cheese enchiladas, and then just heated up some frozen quesadillas, and taquitos.  I ran by a nearby restaurant and bought rice, and sopapillas and added some honey/butter/cinnamon sugar to make a little dessert bar.
I also did a little Dr. Pepper float crate to go with the cake.
My aunt, uncle, cousins in town, and brother all ate...and then ate some more.  I think it was a nice way to finish up a really great birthday and....hopefully the start to the best decade yet!

60 Wishes Memory Book

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 My Mom celebrated her 60th birthday two days ago.  I've been brainstorming ideas for making it a special memory for awhile now.  One thing I did was make her a little album with cards.  Originally, I was going to send cards to the family and all her friends...it turns out it took all three months I had given myself to get the cards back from just the family.  I adapted the idea...more on this in a minute....I printed out a letter asking for the person who received it to write a special memory they have of my mom.  I also included a card and a self addressed envelope.  I found a pack of cards at Hobby Lobby I liked.
 To house these letters I made a little book.  I took two pieces of thin cardboard and cut them out to the size of a 5/7 envelope.  I also took some burlap scrapbook 'paper' and covered the front.  I had to hot glue it to keep it to stay on the board.
 On the inside, I glued down two pieces of scrapbook paper.  I punched a hole in the cover/back and each letter.
 I decided to just try to get just the family and a few of her closest friends who don't live here.
For the 'other' friends, I figured most of them would be bringing a card to the luncheon I was hosting, and I am going to hole punch the cards and put these in the same book so she can have a memory of all the people that helped celebrate her 60th...both near and far.  

My Mom's 60th

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 No comments
 This past weekend I held a party to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  It was a no boys allowed sort of event, which means today (her 'real' birthday) the boys will be invited.  I held it at a little tea room in Richardson, Chocolate Angel-the same place I had my 30th.
 They pretty much have all the adorable decorations you could want in the Chantilly room, but....I brought a few of my own b/c that's the kind of girl I am!
 I went through my aunt's old albums and found some old school pictures I copied and printed out.
 I grabbed some flowers.
 And some bottled Dr. Pepper, my Mom's all time favorite drink.  I added a pink straw to jazz it up.
 Even though dessert came with the meal, I decided I wanted a dessert favor as well, so I bought some individual bundt cakes and added a tag, ribbon, flower etc, which I blogged about here.
 The packaging is already cute, but....I feel the need to add ribbon to everything.
 I put them around the tables.
 I am so grateful for the ladies that came out to celebrate with my mom.
 I know they have each been a blessing, and I'm constantly reminded that these are the type of friends I want to have 'when I grow up,' but more importantly, the kind of friend I want to be.
 No doubt, it's not a hardship to be friends with my Mom-her glass is always half full.  I call her unrealistically optimistic.  She's a peace maker...which is good considering I'm her daughter and I do like to battle it out.
 I'm grateful that for 35 of her years, she's been dedicated to being my Mom.
 Happy 60th, Mom!  Here's to 60 more!