Chalkboard Clipboard

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I have had a brown clipboard floating around my house, ready to be stashed away for a 'someday' craft. I just couldn't decide what to do with it, when I bought it in a package of two to make Carla's (low key) clipboard last month. Then....I saw this really cute clipboard spray painted with chalkboard paint. I've searched for two days so I could find it again, and link to that project. I can't find it :O(. I did comment on the gal's post, but....I...can't...remember I'm not giving up, just posting while I search). Anyway, all this to say, adding chalk to a clipboard-not my idea. I will definitely be saving all potential project links from now on, but I didn't know I'd be doing this until I made Regan's frames. I was looking at the red ribbon, red paper, modge podge, super glue, cricut, scissors etc, and all I needed to launch a second project was the spray paint, which I've wanted to play around with for awhile now. I even had the black dot paper (which I had from a page in the scrapbook I just completed last week!) to make a whole new project. It was a beautiful thing-having all but one thing for a project!

I went to Home Depot and bought some chalkboard spray paint. It was about half the price of the brush on paint.
I painted the edges white (from the last project), covered the back of the clipboard with the black and white dotted paper, and modge podged that, and then I sprayed the front 2/3 of the clipboard (after cover the metal). The spray went on really smooth, and dried really quickly! (I don't think my neighbors even question the square of black spray paint now dotting my front lawn, they give up, every neighborhood has one of 'me,' right?).

I added a little paper at the bottom with the word 'notes,' and a ribbon. The example I saw was completely covered with chalkboard paint, but I like to add senseless things that will probably just get in the way, because I like a challenge...or rather, I like to challenge other people b/c I won't be keeping this for myself. I thought it would be cute to hang on a wall and keep a to do list, or it could be a homework clipboard etc. could be a door stop.

Whatever, the beauty...or usefulness is all in the eye/hands of the beholder, and since I don't know who will be holding this....I can't tell you it's final destination, but for now. It was quick to put together. It was easy. I'm happy.
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Sarah @ Sugar Bananas said...

So cute - I love the red with black. Thanks for posting. I'll be back - I'm now following :)

Unknown said...

This is AWESOME. I was just using a boring old clipboard today and was thinking about how to jazz it up. You got me hooked. This is my favorite post of the day. LOVE IT.

Fawnda@Fireflies and Jellybeans said...

Very cute! I love the paper that you used! : )

Crafty Mommy Diva said...

that is really cute!

Simply Domestic said...

So cute!!! Cute blog...count me as a new follower.

Katie said...

I love it, how fun! I've seen altered clipboards, in fact I have one in my to be altered box right now. But they've always had paper decoupaged over the whole thing. This is such a fun twist. What a great idea!!!

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

Oh! I love it! Great idea! And the color combination is fabulous! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites at Simply Sweet Home!

Monica said...

uaooo it's a great idea!

Heather - said...

How cute! Thanks for the fun idea. I'm linking to this sometime in the nearish future at Dollar Store Crafts, but not sure what day yet. Thanks to Rachel at One Pretty Thing for the tip!

Carol Novaes said...

So cute!

Carol Novaes

Niki Jolene said...!!!!!!!!!!

I am so making this for my kid's teacher this year!


Brandy@YDK said...

What a great idea. And a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Little Birdie Secrets said...

I think you saw the original over at my blog, Little Birdie Secrets! I love to see what people do with our tutorials--thanks for sharing! Your chalkboard turned out SO cute! These are my boys' favorite thing to take to church to help them sit quietly. :)


Christy said...

Mandy, such a cute version with the green paint, and the name. This post was from April of last year, and the original had black paint as well with the word 'notes', there are so many great chalkboard projects I kept hoping to run across it again, someday! Chalkboard paint is just the greatest! :O)

team blunt said...

I just made these today and it is fantastic. I had never used chalkboard Spray paint and I am now addicted as well.

Thank you!!! I'm not sure how to post a picture but I would love to send one to share the finished product.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I made this yesterday, but when i write on it the chalk isn't really shopping up and when I wipe it off some of the paint comes off too. DId you have that problem? Please help! I'm making these for my nieces for Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I made the clipboard last night, and the chalk isn't really showing up. When I wiped the chalk away, some of the chalkboard paint comes off too. Please help! I'm making these for my nieces for Christmas!!!!