Twilight Party-1/2 Way to Breaking Dawn Movie Watching Party

Saturday, April 02, 2011
It was time for a little work bonding.  Last year, there was a large group of gals that read/discussed the Twlight series.  We went to see New Moon together, and had a fun time running over small children.   It turns out that one of the ring leaders, Laine, had a birthday on the night of the midnight opening of Eclipse, and so...after taking out a small loan, a large Twilight Extravanganza insued before we (again) headed as a massive mob to the opening.  If you know me, you know I'd host a party if you bought a cute pair of shoes, but it's so fun to find some common ground at work, and find a reason to get together that doesn't involved discussing students, test scores, or curriculum.  It was so fun, we absolutely could NOT wait the year and 4 months to go see the last (two part movie).  We decided to get together at the halfway point (March) to watch Eclipse.  We went potluck, but we still went big.  The theme was a mismash of the books, but mostly, we are anticipating the release of Breaking Dawn, and this is where I'm about to loose anyone that hasn't read the books, but if you'll 'get' all the symbolism.  In a nutshell (emphasis on nut)....Bell and Edward get married, and honeymoon on an Island...and so it's a vampire-ish/island theme. 
The Invitations (I blogged about a few days ago, complete with pina colada cupcakes)
Lauren hung a wedding invite outside that she put together. 
Laine let us borrow her birthday gift, a life-size Edward.  Lauren (the hostess) added her veil. This made for some fun photo ops.  (I'm pretty sure Laine's husband was hoping she'd forget to bring him home.)

Lauren made these themed place mates, and there were shells, and sparkles...
...and vases filled with eggs.  True fans will get 'it.' 
There was a group of us helping out, and we all brought 'tropical dishes.' 
 ...and more eggs. 
I brought out my plastic coconut cups (long story), and Lauren whipped up some punch and 'other stuff.' 
There were lots of tulle, and lights, and feathers, and quotes, and sparkles. 
I made these cookies (I blogged about yesterday).  I'm not even going to try to explain to anyone who hasn 't read the book. 
This time around, we added games...we were a little hesitant, but they turned out to be a lot of fun. 
Pin the Kiss....or the Paw on Edward
Some took this more seriously than others....we may need to go back over the rules of the game. 
Next, in honor of Alice, Lained whipped up a little 'Visionary'
There were a lot of people that came this time that had never seen the movie, and so it was as fun to watch them try to draw the scenes as it was to guess.  If you are a fan, here's a few examples, play along. 

The winners. 
And...since we were here for a movie, candy and popcorn were necessary...Lauren came up with the idea to make these cute bags to fill up and take upstairs to their movie room. 
Lauren's friend, Kim, brought these.  :O) 
but wait....Heather had this brilliant idea for passing out candy. 
That's right....a donkey/wolf pinata.  Please note the abs...and the jean shorts that were added. 
Amber, who didn't wear her special Jacob shirt thinking things are going to be OK...
...and eventually, we watched the movie.


Tanya said...

That is cool. My sister totally wants to do that

Deb said...

you girls totally know how to have a good time...

Erin said...

So stinkin' jealous that I wasn't there!!! =o)

Heather said...

How fun! I love the creativity you all put into it. :)

Kelsey said...

I love this! I want to have a party like this - I don't know if I know enough Twilight lovin friends though!

L!ND$EY said...

Great party ideas!! I especially love the cookies...and the candy bags...and the games... =) Love it all!

Bekah said...

TOTALLY awesome..i wish yall lived near me the blog too:)

nybabe77 said...

AWESOME party!! Looks like you all had a great time. I LOVE everything especially the placemats, what a neat idea. I cant wait for my BD party. But its not until November. Ive already started gathering my party supplies now. Love the trea bags, way too cute. Hey i like the pinata, Jacob is too cute. Nice job Christy!!